How to Properly Sort Your Laundry

Before you search for a "self-service laundry near me," you should ensure that you know how to sort laundry properly. Otherwise, you

Here, DobiBoy shares some tips on how to properly sort the laundry:

Easy Steps for Sorting Laundry

Sorting your laundry before washing it is always the best option. By doing this, you can steer clear from any potential problems from washing different items together.

1. Sort By Color

First, you must separate your clothes by color. This step is crucial because it can help prevent your clothes from bleeding onto each other and ruining your clothes. You should have a hamper for whites, another for light colours, and another one for dark colours. You should also separate a file for items that require dry cleaning.

2. Check the Label

This step is important because different fabrics require different care. For example, you would not want to wash a delicate blouse in the same load as your jeans. If unsure about the fabric type, you can check the label to see if there are any special washing instructions. Some clothes may have tags saying "hand-wash only" or "wash separately." Make sure to follow what the label says so you won't damage your clothes.

3. Sort Clothes By Weight

Once you have sorted your clothes by color and fabric type, you need to sort them by weight. This step is necessary because it will help you determine which cycle to use on your washing machine. For example, you would not want to wash your heavy winter coat on a delicate cycle.

4. Separate Items That Are Heavily Soiled

If you have any items that are heavily soiled, it's best to separate them from the rest of your laundry. This will help prevent the soiling from spreading to other items and make the cleaning process more effective.

Heavily soiled items should be pre-treated before being washed. This can be done by spot-cleaning the affected areas or soaking the item in a pre-treatment solution. Once the item has been pre-treated, it can be washed in the same load as the rest of your laundry.

Keep in mind that heavily soiled items may require extra attention when drying. They may need to be air-dried or tumble-dried on a low setting to prevent the soiling from setting in.

Why Is It So Important to Always Sort Your Laundry Correctly?

Sorting your laundry correctly is essential for many reasons. First of which is that it helps to ensure that your clothes are washed properly. Different types of fabric require different types of care, so sorting your laundry ensures that your clothes are cleaned correctly and with the right detergent.

Second, sorting your laundry helps to prevent damage to your clothes. If you wash delicate items with heavier items, the fragile items can become damaged or even ruined. By sorting your laundry, you can avoid this type of damage.

Third, sorting your laundry can help to save you time and money. If you wash all of your clothes together, you may end up rewashing items that don't need them. This can waste water and energy, and it can also wear out your clothes more quickly. By sorting your laundry, you can avoid these problems.


Overall, sorting your laundry correctly is vital for several reasons. It helps to ensure that all your clothes are washed properly, it prevents damage to your clothes, and it can also save you time and money. So, be sure to sort your laundry before you start searching for a "self-service laundry near me."

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