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Locate a DobiBoy coin-operated laundry service near you. Click on the branch nearest to you to see more details including address location map and exact GPS coordinates to help you navigate there.Self Service Laundry / Dobi Layan Diri AmpangSimply known as Ampang by the locals is a beautiful town in Malaysia which is located in the district of Kuala Lumpur that was formally known for being a bustling tin mining town. Buzzing towns like these houses the oldest neighbourhoods in Malaysia such as Ampang New Village, Bandar Baru Ampang and Taman Dagang as well as other major neighbourhoods like Taman Bukit Indah, Taman Kosas, Ampang Indah and Ampang Permai. With this vastly populated area of the country with offices and residential homes, hardly any laundry services or kedai dobi are within sight to cater to your weekly laundry needs with affordable prices. DobiBoy has carefully selected locations in Taman Kosas, Taman Keramat & Taman Putra that offers the ideal distance for everyone within a 2 kilometre radius reaching out to Ampang residents in Taman Wawasan, Bukit Indah, and Dagang Jaya areas.

Fastest Coin Laundry Services Ampang – Taman Bukit Indah

DobiBoy has chosen Taman Bukit Indah, Kosas as its epicenter for our 24 hours self service laundry for its perfect location to best serve you to do your laundry conveniently and still being able to enjoy a meal with your family at a nearby restaurant or cafe. There are plenty of restaurants within the area and we know you would love to enjoy a meal with your friends and family while your laundry is being cleaned by our self service industrial laundry machines. Have work to do? Leave your laundry at DobiBoy’s kedai dobi layan diri, and head off to the cafe! Our friendly outlet assistant will help you complete your laundry for just RM8 extra! Bumped into a friend? Take a seat on our benches and enjoy a catch up session with your friend while DobiBoy handles your laundry with our ELECTROLUX laundry machines.

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