How to Keep on Top of Laundry Over the Holiday Season

It's bustling around Christmas. There is holiday shopping, home decoration, entertainment, and receiving out-of-town visitors. But do you already dread the mountains of laundry that will fill laundry hampers? 

Dealing with laundry over Christmas can be a nightmare. With all the extra cooking, eating and drinking, it can seem like your laundry pile is never-ending. 

Here are some tips to help you keep on top of the laundry over the festive period, along with where to find a coin laundry location. 

Carry Out A Pre-Holiday Inventory

You anticipate a chaotic situation. Avoid problems in the washing room. Check the stain remover, detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. Make sure you have enough supplies. 

There won't be enough time for you to get supplies. Make sure everything is arranged for accessibility.

Prioritise Organisation 

have a predictable pattern. Ensure that everyone is aware of the pattern and their role. Purchase three or four laundry baskets. Sort the whites, light colours, dark colours, and delicates with them every day. 

Take care of that load of washing when a basket is full. Teach family members how to place their clothing in the appropriate baskets. The older kids and your friend can learn how to load and start the machine.

Do It Right Away

Do your laundry right away. There might not be any clean garments left. The glittery shirt you thought would be perfect for the office party may be buried behind a sea of colours. Include this task in your cleaning, baking, purchasing, and decorating schedule.

Make Use of The Delay Wash Cycle Feature

Before leaving for work in the morning, load the washer, and set it to start washing an hour before you arrive home. 

When that load is ready, the dryer can start. It is even easier if you have a washer and dryer combo. They will be dry and prepared to fold if you leave them for two hours before returning home. Additionally, folding is a nice task for kids.

Be Constantly Prepared

Draw inspiration from the Boy Scout manual. Red wine stains, spilled cocktail sauce, or lobster soup may create quite a mess whether you are hosting, attending another person's party, or going out on the town. Do not let stains have a chance to dry. Bring a stain remover pen or a tiny container with you.

Avoid Ironing

Use a steamer to prevent wrinkles in your holiday attire, or hang it in a steamy bathroom while someone takes a shower.

Let The Clothing Fold Itself

It takes a long time to fold and store garments. But a foldable shirtboard on the go will make it go much quicker. Children will want to participate in the fun. 

What about storing them away? Deliver the customised basket containing each family member's folded clothes to the room where they will be stored.


Complete other duties like bill payments, menu planning, making a grocery list, or responding to emails while washing the laundry.

Avoid Washing Your Jeans

Denim and various other goods get overwashed frequently. Some people never even wash their jeans! They placed them in a freezer-safe plastic bag. It eliminates germs. Before washing them, wear them a few more times. Ultimately, not every item of clothing needs to be placed in the hamper.

Take Action Before Stains Appear

You just had a fantastic party. You want to go to bed to deal with the mess the next day. But there's a problem: Overnight, the stains on those wine and gravy-stained napkins will set in. This implies that, at the very least, tomorrow's stain-removing efforts will take longer. The worst-case scenario is damaged linens.

And, incidentally? Asking your house guests to empty and stack the dishwasher while you run a load of laundry for the party linens is quite acceptable.

These techniques can help you manage your laundry throughout Christmas despite the busy season. You can also opt for a coin laundry service if there’s no space at home for your laundry. 


If you're dealing with laundry over the Christmas holidays, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier. First, try to do some laundry ahead, so you're not dealing with a huge pile of laundry right before Christmas. Second, make sure to sort your laundry so that you're not washing and drying items that don't need to be washed. Finally, take advantage of any laundry services available during the holidays. Following these tips can make laundry time a little less stressful during the holiday season. If you want to do your laundry quickly this holiday, it's best to go to a self-laundry service for quick laundry!

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